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Written by Garrott on February 23rd, 2010

Thanks for following my adventures on  I hope the site has provided a little break to your work day, given you some extra motivation for your Birkie training, offered a little insight into the life of an Olympian, or gotten you a bit more psyched to get outside and enjoy winter. If you’ve been enjoying the regular updates (I sure hope you have!), please consider making a small donation to help keep the posts coming.

Thanks for your support!

In other news, I just got the thumbs up to represent the US in the 4 x 10km relay tomorrow!  Andy, Torin, Simi, and I – more of a sprint crew than distance – will be toeing the line at 11:15am Pacific.  This is the race I’ve been looking forward to the most in the Olympics and I’m stoked for tomorrow.

I watched some of the jumping for the Nordic Combined team event this morning on my way home from training.  Our men jumped well.  Simi, Kris, and I are watching the cross country leg of the race live on TV now.  It’s got the making of one of the most exciting races I’ve ever watched, especially as an American.  Be sure to tune in when NBC shows the race in prime time.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!


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  1. Ian King says:

    Garrot, first I saw you on TV last week for your first race and now I’m listening to you on MPR. A guy just can’t get away from you these days. Great job, man!

  2. Pam Dryer says:

    I hope you have the time of your life!!!!

  3. Amelia Black says:

    good luck good luck good luck!!!!

  4. Dave & Carol Long says:

    Garrott, do you know if/where your race will be broadcast? We want to DVR it …