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  1. Mr. B. says:

    Garrott congrats on making the Olympic team and your performance yesterday. Needless to say it is just AWESOME what you have accomplished. I still remember Beth, your mom, telling me about you taking ski jumping lessons at Hyland. It’s a good thing you kaboshed that. I teach fifth grade now and we’re keeping track of you. I’ve read a few of your blogs to them and really haven’t had to edit much. (thanks for that) Hey is Randy Gibbs related to Bob?
    Good luck tomorrow !!!

    Chuck Burmeister (Mr. B.)

    say hi to Beth and Jim

  2. Lynn Wolsted says:

    OMG! It has been years! I heard you made the Olympic team! CONGRATS AND BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!
    Loved the shout out to Meadowbrook Elementary.

    -Lynn Wolsted
    Golden Valley, MN

  3. Ben Garrott says:

    Congrats from some Garrotts in Kentucky! There was an article about you in the Hopkinsville newspaper today (2/16). Wish I had known about it so we could have watched on TV.

  4. Ruth Garrott Jackson says:

    Congrats on getting to Vancouver and I will be watching to see how you do on Wednesday (ok, that’s today). I didn’t see the article about you until I read it this morning. It is cool to have someone who can spell Garrott correctly in the Olympics or anywhere else. I have an Uncle Ashton story to share some time when you have a chance and want to email me off the forum!
    Ruth Jackson
    granddaughter of Will Garrott (Ashton’s brother)

  5. Judy Skalicky says:

    Way to go, Garrott! What an exciting time following you and your team as they competed in these games. I can’t tell you how proud we are of you and how much you are influencing my young third graders. Thank you for being that bright star! I smile just knowing you’re living the dream! Enjoy the rest of your time in Vancouver! (Hi to the rest of your family, too!)

  6. Judy Krueger says:

    Hi Garrott, We’ve been talking about you at work almost as much as the Birkie. Sounds like you’re having a great time at the Olympics. Can’t wait to hear all about the experience when you get back. Good Luck!!!
    Judy & Jim Krueger

  7. John McLeod says:

    Congrats Garrott! Great to follow your experience in Vancouver. Greetings from Middlebury, you’re doing us proud!

  8. Mike Mazzotta & Robyn Cook says:

    Dear Garrott,
    We are so proud of you! We occasionally check ski racing results for you and other Middlebury friends and have eagerly followed along since we read you made the US team. Over the past week and a half, we have been trying to tune in to see you race on the TV and online. So far we have seen your name as you finished (the web feed cut to a crash right as you were about to be in the finishing shot). We will keep trying. For now, keep up the fast times, best of luck, and congrats on all you have accomplished. Kick some Scandinavian butt!
    -Mike and Robyn
    PS Please say hi to Matt Whitcomb for Robyn.

  9. Martha Heisel says:

    Congratulations on being on the US Olympic cross country ski team, Garrott! We heard you on MN Public Radio yesterday. Matt plans to ski the Birkie on Saturday if he can get back to the Twin Cities from NYC – they already canceled his flight tomorrow night and we hope he can figure something else out. It will be his 7th Birkie. Best wishes!

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