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Lunar Eclipse

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

If there are two things I learned in Professor Frank Winkler’s physics class, Introduction to the Universe, it is that: 1. A lunar eclipse can only occur during a full moon and 2. the moon looks larger when it is closer to the horizon, not because it is “enlarged” in any way, but because it is closer to a reference point (the Earth) and appears larger than when it is higher in the sky. ┬áThese photos of today’s lunar eclipse illustrate both examples.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the moon looks bigger because Alaska is so far north that we are actually closer to the moon.

The trails are right next to the Anchorage Airport, so there is almost constant flight traffic overhead.

On the racing side of life, we are getting closer to the National Championships.  The schedule for the week looks like this:

Saturday, January 2: Skate Sprint

Monday, January 4: 15km Skate

Wednesday, January 6: 30km Classic Mass Start

Friday, January 8: Classic Sprint

More information can be found here.

Race results will be posted here.