Can you believe it?!

Written by Garrott on April 18th, 2011

That’s right, still skiing out here in Vermont, even after Tax Day.  Got up to Mad River Glen last weekend and hiked to the top for a run on April 16.  If anything, it was still too cold to be great spring skiing.

Terry, Jake, Brodie, Cam and I got in some serious elevation skinning up to the top of the mountain.  Rafter, our 100lb Golden guest for the weekend, was a real trooper and made it all the way to the top-and back down.

The quote of the day once we finally pointed our tips back downhill?  “Wow, the trail’s actually worse than it looks!”  That may have summed up the descent, but we had a great hike up to the top.  I’m definitely going to get up there again this year, but next time I’m going to wait until the temperature’s above freezing so the moguls are a little softer.

Rafter definitely gets the effort award for the day.  Afterwards, he showed us all how to “sleep like a dog.”


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